The secret sauce for succeeding in delivery

Otter is an online order management platform that powers the top delivery-enabled restaurants

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Trusted globally by restaurants big and small

Otter helps all restaurants thrive in connecting food and customers.

Consolidated order management
Station-specific ticket printing
Back office
Insights to optimize the business

Take control of delivery

Aggregate all your online orders, consolidate performance data, and manage menus from a single place

Save time & money

Auto-accept + print orders, 86 menu items and control store hours with ease.

Grow your business

Expand your reach and revenue by signing up for new delivery platforms and virtual brands without the hassle.

Get premium support

We are here to make sure you are able to set everything up and take full advantage of all the value that comes with the product.

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Bring your delivery services together

Otter integrates all the products your restaurant uses.

Online ordering services
Services that allow you to deliver food online
Uber Eats
Point of sale
Services that allow you to manage your onsite operations
NCR Aloha
Direct to consumer
Services that allow you to sell from your restaurant’s website
9Fold many more!

The secret sauce for
succeeding in delivery:
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Thousands of restaurants trust

Hubster to increase sales, save time,

and make delivery easier.

Optimise operations

Delivery orders, menus, locations, and support - all in one tablet.

Increase sales

Automated promotions, virtual brands, & more to grow your revenue.

Understand performance

Consolidate data into one, easy-to-use dashboard to inform your next big decision.

Trusted by restaurants big and small

Optimise operations

Too many tablets? Let’s fix that.

Hubster integrates all online orders onto a single tablet that can link right into your POS—no more manual entry, no more mess.

Increase sales

Drive sales to the next level

Get all of the profits with your own online ordering system using Direct Orders and run promotions on delivery apps without lifting a finger with Boost by Hubster.

Understand performance

Manage everything from one dashboard

Update delivery app menus, track sales, address order issues, and more right from your dashboard.

From food trucks

to global chains

Manage menus, sales, and reporting for takeout operations with an easy-to-use dashboard.
Increase efficiency and manage takeout operations for hundreds of locations with insightful data.
Make your inventory available on delivery apps to reach your customers wherever they are.
Increase your sales and reach new customers by adding takeout and delivery to your business model.
“Hubster is super convenient. Without it we would have 8 tablets out, which, not only do we not have space for, but our staff kept missing orders. Now with Hubster it all comes through the one and I don't have to worry.“
Jason Stephens,
Store Manager, Lord Of The Fries

All your online ordering solutions

in a single place

Services that allow you to manage your onsite operations.

Delivery partners

... plus many more!

Direct to consumer

Services that allow you to sell from your restaurant’s website.
... plus many more!


Services that allow you to manage your onsite operations.
... plus many more!


Services that allow you to manage your onsite operations. Don’t see your service listed? Become a partner.
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