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Learn how you can extend the power of your Square POS system with Hubster.

Hubster's integration with Square ensures that all of your delivery platform orders will flow directly into your Square POS system. Whenever an order comes through from a delivery marketplace like Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Doordash, that order will automatically go to your kitchen, allowing you to increase efficiency by completely streamlining the process of managing, accepting, and inputting delivery orders. This could result in fewer errors and missed orders – keeping your eaters happy, limiting stress for your employees, and increasing revenue. This integration requires a subscription to both Square and Hubster.



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2A We offer multiple solutions to help your restaurant succeed in delivery.



2D Access simple, actionable data that provides clarity on your delivery performance across platforms.

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Top enterprise groups power their delivery business with Otter.

Learn how Otter can increase your restaurant’s efficiency, order volume, and revenue.

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Otter integrates all the products your restaurant uses.

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“If you’re looking for a platform that will keep your members happy, organized, and better able to serve your guests, I highly recommend partnering with Otter."

Stephen T. Wawryk, General Manager, Chick-fil-A

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Square with Hubster

Learn how you can extend the power of your Square POS system with Hubster.
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How Hubster helps



Increase your orders with auto-accept

Say goodbye to missed orders. Automatically accept every order that comes in and send it straight to your Square POS.

Take control of your delivery storefront

Pause your storefront on delivery apps with a few simple clicks during a rush.

Reduce order issues with menu item 86ing

Run out of a key ingredient? Remove menu items that use that ingredient with a few simple clicks. Restocked your inventory? Add the items back onto your menu in a flash.

From large enterprises to small businesses, these are a few key restaurants using Hubster

Hear from

our restaurant


Since partnering with Hubster, Brazilian Bowl has seen a $2,900 increase in monthly sales, in addition to:
“Hubster made our online-ordering business more efficient and profitable.”
Tony Ferreira
Owner, Brazilian Bowl

7x revenue ROI increase

31% uptime availability increase

98% fulfillment rate

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Integrate your
POS & delivery apps

Hubster integrates with several delivery apps like Uber Eats & Doordash, many POS systems and other third-party platforms like Ritual. Tap below to see if your systems are compatible with Hubster.

Extend the power




with Hubster

Simplify and succeed in delivery with an order management system that’s built for multi channel, multi brand kitchens today.