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Designed to help restaurants simplify & grow their online ordering and delivery business. Restaurants use Hubster to superpower
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How Hubster helps Tyro customers

Tyro Connect is an ever-growing integration hub, connecting hospitality businesses with popular apps, software and POS systems. Tyro Connect works with partners that help to find new customers and reduce additional integrations and workload – meaning you can focus on running your business, while Tyro Connect manages your integration. 
Tyro Connect puts your brand in front of more customers

Reach more customers

Tyro Connect puts your business in front of new customers by accessing a wider variety of food delivery partners, including UberEats.
Manage orders from one device with Hubster and Tyro Connect

Manage orders from a single device

Hubster provides one device to manage all incoming food delivery partner orders. Saving your staff from managing multiple devices and apps and improving efficiency.

Easy menu management & updates

Quickly and easily update your menu and business details on all food delivery partner apps in just one click. Need to immediately change an item on your menu? That's quick and easy with Hubster and Tyro Connect
Hubster offers simplified reporting to help you monitor your restaurant's performance

Simplified reporting

With all orders managed in the one place, you'll have visibility on all in-store and delivery sales as well as simplified reporting - helping you stay on top of your business.
“When we integrated Hubster to our POS system through Tyro Connect, we began sending our delivery orders straight to the kitchen: no manual labor required. This has saved us time, money and stress: everything runs seamlessly. It’s been such a value add for our business.”
William Fenson 
 Stockman’s BBD, Sydney

Since partnering with Hubster and Tyro Connect, Stockman’s BBD has seen over 70+ hours in time savings per month.