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What is Hubster?

Hubster is a web-based software that helps you manage your delivery channels, like UberEats, Doordash, and more, in one place. Learn how you can use Hubster to grow your restaurant below:

Manage Orders
Without The Hassle

Get ultimate visibility on every order, in one place. Imagine all of your delivery partner tablets, combined into one.

Auto-Print Receipts

Have every order, from each of your delivery partners, printed through one single printer on one easy to read docket!

Auto-Accept Orders

Make sure you don’t miss any orders in busy hours by automatically accepting all incoming orders. Zero missed orders, more customers served and more revenue!

Connect to New
Delivery Channels Easily

Maximize your presence and revenue by being on more apps! As more and more customers shop around delivery partners to get the best offer, have your business seen by more people, more often!

Better Data & Reporting

Have consolidated reporting from all of your delivery partners right then and there. No need to export and consolidate manually into an excel spreadsheet. Understand your performance by location/brand and make better-informed decisions, leading to higher revenue and better margins.

... and much more!

There are a lot of other features and different ways to utilise Hubster. The main benefit of Hubster being a web-based software is that you can enjoy new features & improvements that are added weekly.

If you want to know more about how you can increase your revenue, grow your restaurants delivery business, and have simpler and easier day-to-day restaurant management, fill out the form below!

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What Restaurant Owners
Are Saying About Hubster

Impressive Results!

Since partnering with Hubster, Thai La-Ong team have seen impressive results – resulting in a $3,500 increase in monthly sales, $165 monthly combined time savings and 7.5% increase in uptime availability.

Eagle Patanan
Thai La Ong

Reliable Support Staff

"Their support staff are reliable and always get back to us with solutions very quickly, which we appreciate more than anything as we are a fast food franchise."

Baskin Robbins

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