Nem N' Nem partners with Hubster to succeed in delivery.

1 food truck that roams the streets of Melbourne. $950 increase in monthly sales.

“If you’re looking for a platform that consolidates your delivery services and lets you update your hours and availability on demand, try Hubster now.” - Kathy Dao, Manager,  Nem N’ Nem Vietnamese Hawker Kitchen, Collingwood


Nem N’ Nem has been roaming the streets of Melbourne since 2014. The truck frequents music festivals and major events like Spring Carnival, Moomba, and GrandPrix. Kathy, her brother + business partner, and team love meeting new people, sharing their culture, and traveling with Nem N’ Nem. "Because we operate out of a food truck, everyday is a journey, and each season is different from the next." 


When COVID hit, the spontaneous nature of Kathy's business became a complication. “We haven’t been able to trade with our truck since March, and it’s been a roller coaster navigating delivery.”

In the beginning of the pandemic, Kathy's approach to delivery was to compare delivery services and go all in on one. After researching, she decided it would be more beneficial to partner with all of them: Uber Eats, Deliveroo, DoorDash, HungryHungry, Grubhub and Menulog. And while this decision was a way to ensure Nem N’ Nem found success in what had become a 100% delivery concept, it came with a host of challenges too, “My staff was going crazy with the Friday lunch rush. It wasn’t realistic to expect them to keep up with six apps, six tablets, and six printers."


Kathy and Nem N’ Nem signed up for Hubster to consolidate all of their delivery platforms into a single tablet and a single printer, “Getting set up was simple. As soon as we  signed up for Hubster, every order began flowing through one tablet and one printer immediately. Hubster has reduced stress for my team and made managing multiple orders easy.”  

Consolidating Delivery Services

“Since our kitchen is in our truck, we don’t have tons of space, and having five tablets and printers was taking up tons of space. With Hubster, we have fewer cords, tablets, and printers in the kitchen. We manage 100% of our delivery business through a single tablet and printer.”

Decreasing Errors and Missed Orders

“Because everything is in a single place, we’ve been making fewer mistakes and missing less orders. We’ve also been keeping our customers happy through consistency: managing our store hours and increasing prep-time during rush hours with a single click.”


Since partnering with Hubster, Kathy and the Nem & Nem team have seen impressive results – resulting in a:

  • $950 increase in monthly sales
  • $250 monthly combined time savings
  • 15% increase in uptime availability
  • 15x revenue ROI 

Start succeeding in delivery with Hubster today!

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