Thai La-Ong partners with Hubster to succeed in delivery.

One family-owned local chain. $3,500 increase in monthly sales.

“Hubster makes things easier and less cluttered. Consolidating our tablets and printers into one place saves space and saves us money on electricity.” -Eagle Patanan, Director, Thai La-Ong


“My parents first opened Thai La-Ong in Newtown 21 years ago. We serve Thai food for dining in, takeaway and deliveries. About 6-7 years ago my brother (Ben) opened up a location in Werrington County, and about 2.5 years ago, I left my consulting job to join the family business and opened the Parramatta location. This year I opened up another location in Drummoyne.”

Thai La-Ong is well known for its homemade, high-quality sauces and curries. “Quality is our core value. We keep our recipes within the family, and intend to continue expanding through family owned locations to keep the quality of our food consistent.” 


Delivery has always been a big part of Eagle and Thai La-Ong’s business. Before third-party delivery, Eagle and his team ran their delivery business themselves: fulfilling between 20 and 30 orders a day. This has grown to over a 100 orders a day via delivery services. But as the number of delivery platforms and online-orders increased, so did the number of tablets and printers. 


Eagle and Thai La-Ong signed up for Hubster to increase profitability, decrease stress for employees, and consolidate all of their delivery platforms into a single tablet. “Getting started was easy.  I connected all my delivery partners, and Hubster sent me a tablet preloaded with everything I needed to get started. I received premium tech support, set up the tablet, printer and wifi, and everything was up and running.” 

Consolidating Delivery Services

“Before Hubster, the counter was cluttered with multiple tablets. Hubster’s one tablet solution saved space, streamlined my delivery business, and made things a little easier for the team.” 


Since partnering with Hubster, Eagle and the Thai La-Ong team have seen impressive results – resulting in a

  • $3,500 increase in monthly sales
  • $165 monthly combined time savings
  • 7.5% increase in uptime availability
  • 0 customer order issues

Start succeeding in delivery with Hubster today!

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