Track and manage

your performance to

increase bottom line

Access easy-to-use data, eliminate missed orders and discover insights about your restaurant’s performance through advanced reports.
Live monitoring & alertsLive monitoring & alerts

See your sales, order issues and store status in real time

Receive notifications when stores go offline or other issues arise to minimise ongoing errors and lost sales.

  • Track your minute by minute sales across all your stores
  • Receive push notifications when stores go down
  • Get live support when you need it

Learn where you’re making, losing & missing money

Utilise multiple data points and get to know your business on a deeper level to increase your profit.

  • Know how much commission and net payout you’re getting
  • Get day-by-day reporting on order details by location and brand
  • Understand the impact of modifiers on your business & which modifiers pair best with which items

Unlock actionable insights to increase sales

Take advantage of performance data with insights on how you can improve your menu, inventory & staffing strategy and more.

  • Learn when & why you’re missing orders and having cancellations
  • Resolve these issues to improve sales, revenue and rating
  • Unlock growth opportunities in terms of sales and expansion

Seeing is believing

Hear from the chefs and entrepreneurs growing their restaurant business with Hubster.
“Human error is at a minimum with Hubster. 
Running multiple tablets in a store doesn't make sense operationally as all these tablets need to be plugged in, which is disorganised and has electricity costs that can be cut with Hubster. 
We use the space we've saved to dedicate to online delivery preparation when the store is busy.”
Franchisee, Subway